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Catholic Engaged Encounter is an international ministry dedicated to marriage formation based on the Catholic faith. It is composed of married couples and priests, whose common bond is their belief in the Sacrament of Marriage and family life.

The Catholic Engaged Encounter retreat is a weekend experience that offers engaged couples a once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the fullness of their relationship and God's call to unite them in a marriage. It provides an opportunity to examine and deepen their commitment to one another, and gives them a clear view of what a Christian marriage involves.

The Weekend takes the couples on a personal journey into the Sacrament of Matrimony and the impact their marriage will have on the world around them.

"Marriage is the icon of Godís love for us.

Indeed, God too is communion: the three Persons of the
Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
have always lived and live forever in perfect unity.

And this is the mystery of marriage:
God makes married couples into one existence"

Pope Francis I


99.90% of all couples who have attended the Weekend would recommend it to other couples getting married!

98.70% rated the Weekend "Excellent" or "Very Good"!
"Amazing Loving experience!"
"This was a great experience. You guys have no idea what a change this made in our relationship"
"Thank you for giving us the tools for a successful marriage"
"We feel as if the Weekend couldn't have been better
We left St. Anthony's feeling renewed and excited about our life together"
"We had a great time. No pressure on the non-Catholics"
"Amazing and beautiful!"
"Mind-blowing and life-changing in the most positive ways"
"We enjoyed every moment of this weekend"


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